How often should I get my mechanical watch serviced?
Most manufacturers recommend a full service, also known as an overhaul, every 5-7 years for modern watches and every 3-5 years for vintage or antique watches.

What happens to my mechanical watch when it is serviced?
When your watch comes in for a full service the movement will be disassembled completely and cleaned in our state of the art cleaning machine. All components will be inspected for wear and any worn parts will be replaced. The movement will then be reassembled and hand-lubricated according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Necessary adjustments will be made to the mechanism and final timing will be done using a Witschi timing machine. Depending on your request, the case and band can be refinished. All gaskets will be replaced when applicable and the watch will be tested for water resistance. We perform a multi-day quality control test to ensure your watch functions optimally.

My quartz watch won’t work even with  a new battery. Can it be repaired?
Quartz watches can usually be repaired. If your quartz watch needs repair, we will inspect it and determine the most cost-effective solution for you. Like mechanical watches, most quartz watches can be overhauled, but oftentimes it costs less to replace the movement than to clean and oil it.

Are repair estimates free?
Yes. At Colorado Watch Repair we provide free estimates. Drop off your watch with us and our certified watchmaker will inspect your watch to determine what services it needs. We will then call you to explain your options and the prices so you can decide if you want us to proceed.

Do you buy and sell watches?
Colorado Watch Repair does not buy used watches but we do sell new watches. We are an authorized Seiko retailer. Click here to see our selection.

Do you repair clocks?
We do not work on grandfather clocks or any clock with a functional pendulum. We are able to repair some smaller clocks on a case by case basis.